‘Chateau Frontenac In Québec’ Framed Canvas Wall Art

canada canvas

This beautiful ‘Canada canvas In Québec’ framed canvas print is printed using the highest quality fade-resistant ink on premium quality cotton canvas. It’s then hand stretched over a 1-inch wood sub-frame for small-size prints, and a 1.5-inch wooden sub-frame for larger sizes ensuring the canvas does not buckle. This provides a finished, gallery-quality appearance. This wall art comes ready to hang and will make an excellent addition to any home, office, or gallery.

Until the 1920’s, Canadian art was tied to the academic tradition imported into the country by European emigrants. The Group of Seven challenged this prevailing attitude, stressing that Canada’s natural environment must be portrayed as it really is. While their techniques varied widely, the artists shared a belief that each artist’s individual feeling towards his or her landscape should determine the style of the painting.

Canadian Canvas Chronicles: Artistry Beyond Borders

The resulting works were bold in colour, broad in Impressionistic brush strokes and lacking academic precision. They also used a variety of non-traditional supports including wood panels, and canvas on a roll to accommodate for unconventional sizes.

Although the Group of Seven did not produce a single masterpiece, they achieved a significant legacy by breaking from traditional subject matter and techniques to create an authentic Canadian artistic language. Their work carries a significance that surpasses the sway of a handful of beloved hockey players and politicians in the Canadian cultural pantheon.

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