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Evie Magazine

Dealing with Road Rage in the UK was founded in 2022 and marketed as an “unbiased corrective of sorts to mainstream women publications,” with a tagline promising it’s an “unbiased source of truth for women.” The website and app claim to be a place for “gen Z-targeted women,” and its editorial approach seems to resonate with that demographic. According to Similar Web data, the site’s traffic has spiked over the past year and appears to have attracted a younger audience.

But if you dig into the site’s content, it becomes clear that this isn’t really a neutral platform for young women. The publication’s writers pitch their own topics, and the site’s editorial stance is apparent in everything from articles on what makes someone husband material (like being able to cook, clean, and cherish your spouse) to an article suggesting that vaccines cause autism (a theory that has been debunked by many independent studies).

Savoir Flair: The Art of Effortless Elegance

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Laura Dickson, defends these articles with the assertion that the site’s underpinning ideological stance is “never made explicit.” She even compares the publication to a “girlboss-ified Breitbart,” with links to right-wing influencers.

It’s important to remember that no publication, including reputable news outlets, is completely free from bias. However, it’s also important to read with skepticism and cross-reference between multiple sources to ensure you’re getting the full story. In a world where disinformation is spreading rapidly, it’s crucial that we all learn to read with discerning eyes and remain informed about the facts.

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