Magic Mushrooms Montreal

Magic Mushrooms Montreal have begun to make a comeback in Canada. They’re increasingly being sold in storefronts and online, for their purported mind-sharpening effects. For employers, this poses a question: how should I respond when employees are under the influence or in possession of these drugs?

Last month, a Montreal storefront opened in the heart of downtown selling pills, dried mushrooms and chocolate bars containing psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. The store called FunGuyz is part of a chain that has several stores in Ontario, where the sale and production of magic mushrooms is tolerated.

But in Montreal, the sale and production of the hallucinogenic drug is illegal. The store was raided by police in its first week of business and four people were arrested. Police said they were acting on information received that the store would be selling the drug.

Unlocking the Mysteries: Where to Safely Buy Magic Mushrooms in Montreal

The owners of the Montreal branch say they’re not scared of a police raid and plan to fight the charges in court. They also say they’re offering a safe, controlled environment where customers can buy and consume the mushrooms. A man who identified himself as one of the owners was at the store Tuesday morning. He said he microdoses magic mushrooms to help manage symptoms of a head injury he suffered in a woodworking accident five years ago.

While psilocybin has many potential benefits, it is not without risks. The use of psychedelics can be dangerous, even when taken in small doses, especially for people with mental illnesses, and should only be done under the supervision of trained medical professionals. It’s important to choose the right setting for your trip, start with a low dose and have a trip sitter in case things go wrong.

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