What is a Vape Detector?

A Vape detector is an alarm that uses advanced air monitoring technology to detect smoke from vaporizing e-cigarettes or similar devices. This sensor is often used in schools, hotels, casinos or businesses to help reduce the number of people that smoke or vape inside. It works by registering the presence of chemicals from popular vape brands such as Juul, Puff Bar and Vuse as they are released into the air. Some vape detectors also have additional features such as noise and keyword detection. They can also be programmed to connect with smart phone apps for alerts and synchronize with hallway security cameras.

What is the app that detects Vapes?

School districts across the country are introducing the sensors, which resemble smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, into student bathrooms and locker rooms to try to combat vaping. One such district in Massachusetts has even installed 16 vape detectors, purchased with a state grant. Its administrators want to make sure they can respond quickly and prevent students from violating a new state law that prohibits the sale, possession or use of vaping products by minors.

Unlike simple smoke detectors, which may require someone to blow on the point-blank sensor in order to trigger an alarm, vape detectors usually send a notification to a smartphone app or a security camera when triggered by vaping vapor. Some also provide a live feed that can be shared with first responders.

There are many types of vape detectors available, with different technologies and settings that make them suitable for specific applications. For example, some use particulate sensors to detect vapor from small particles of nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Others combine these with gas sensors to detect the presence of specific gases. The Verkada Environmental Sensor offers a number of models with specific features and varying detection coverage, depending on your needs.

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