Landlord’s Heating and Boiler Guide

Landlord’s Heating and Boiler Guide to make sure that boilers installed in your properties are safe. You must arrange for them to be serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered engineer and ensure you have the appropriate paperwork to prove it. If a boiler isn’t functioning properly it can lead to damage, flooding and other problems that could cost your tenants money. According to Morgan Clark Insurance escape of water from faulty heating is the most common claim they receive.

Landlords are responsible for maintaining and servicing the heating systems in their properties, but tenants have a role to play too. Tenants can help to reduce the number of call outs by understanding their responsibilities, such as using the heating efficiently and reporting any issues quickly.

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If your tenants are not aware of how to use their heating system correctly, they may be unaware that the boiler needs to be operated frequently in winter to prevent pipes from freezing. It is also a good idea to remind them that vents should be kept clear of items to allow adequate ventilation.

Many tenancy agreements include utilities within the rent, but if yours doesn’t it’s worth considering a landlord boiler cover. These packages provide 24/7 access to contractors who can fix a wide range of emergency repairs, including central heating and plumbing. They can also include zero call-out fees during emergencies, such as a breakdown. You can find more information about this and other forms of cover through our Landlord’s Heating and Boiler Guide.

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