The Stage-Gate Process

Designed for use on high-traffic business premises, an industrial gate is a secure way to control access to your facility. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles, these gates can be installed to meet the needs of your property. Whether you require a simple manual sliding gate or a more complex system, you can rest assured that Kee Safety’s range of industrial safety gates is made from the highest quality materials and has undergone thorough testing to ensure security and reliability.

The Project Concept Stage

The first in the three-step Stage-Gate process, the Project Concept Stage is a checkpoint that evaluates the research work completed to date to determine if the project should proceed to the next stage. The criteria assessed at this stage is whether the technical performance specifications or information requirements have been satisfactorily met. The key output of this phase is the project manager’s plan for work to be undertaken between this stage and the Technology Development and Information Verification (RD&VI) stage.

During this stage, the technical risks and potential benefits of continuing research are carefully evaluated by the gatekeepers. If all the gatekeepers concur that the research has reached a point where further risk is reduced, the project can move to the next stage and be funded. This is a sign that the project is being managed effectively and will benefit the business. It also ensures that funding for the project is not being wasted.

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